Over the past 25 years, I have found many ways to integrate my training as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, consistent with trends to incorporate somatic experience into psychotherapy. 


I  specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals, groups and couples. Areas of expertise include, out of control sexual behavior, 12-Step recovery, childhood sexual abuse, shame, body dysmorphia and gender identity. 

I describe my approach to therapy as an integration of psychodynamic (insight oriented) and cognitive behavioral therapies. Via psychodynamic work, we get to know ourselves and understand why we make the choices we do. With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy we identify action-oriented solutions in an effort to act ourselves into right thinking. I find that the two work beautifully together; the first adding creativity and depth to the process, and the latter facilitating change. My approach to CBT is informed by 12-Step Recovery principles, particularly Al-Anon. 

As a yoga and meditation teacher I incorporate movement and mindfulness into my sessions to promote the mind/body connection. Following these activities, clients tend to be more deeply in-tune with themselves and have access to emotional material that they were not previously in touch with. It has been remarkable to see how much more connected clients become to their emotions following somatic experience.

When appropriate, I integrate art-making into therapy sessions as a tool to access and express non-verbal material. The process of art-making can be healing in itself, and much like dreams, the resulting product may offer insight regarding what is troubling a client at a deeper level. 

Finally, at times I view situations through an Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens. IFS proposes that we have many different parts of ourselves, with the goal of becoming familiar with and connected to all of these parts, and having them work in cooperation with each other. 

My ultimate goal is for each of my clients to achieve self-love, -acceptance and -compassion through leading authentic balanced lives. 

Our first session will be an opportunity for you to voice any questions or concerns you may have, and to communicate about yourself and your therapeutic goals.
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Young People

Another aspect of my professional life includes extensive work with children and teens in a variety of settings. In addition to working as a Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, I have taught yoga in schools for more than 20 years. As a result of these experiences, I understand the multiple considerations when working with children, including neurological, psychological, physiological, social/emotional, self-regulatory, academic, and family. 

Via art-making, verbal exchange and movement, I strive to build trusting and supportive relationships with my young clients, while working with parents and schools to incorporate behavioral solutions that support change.

I am the Founding Director of Every Kid’s Yoga.


Contact Craig at craigwhanauer@gmail.com

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